Who's To Bless And Who's To Blame
(Kris Kristofferson, Arr.: Ko-Do 2018)

If a cheated man's a loser, 
and a cheater never wins
And if beggars can't be choosers, 
'til they're weak and wealthy men
And the old keep gettin' older, 
and the young must do the same
And it's never gettin' better, 
who's to bless and who's to blame

All the cards are on the table, 
you done laid your money down
Don't complain about your chances boy, 
it's the only game in town
And the meanin' doesn't matter, 
nor the way you play the game
To the winner or the loser, 
who's to bless and who's to blame


Keep your hands above the table, 
and your backs against the wall
Toss your chips in with your chances boy, 
let 'em lay the way they fall
'Cause the moral doesn't matter, 
broken rules are all the same
To the broken or the breaker, 
who's to bless and who's to blame