Heavy Drinkin' Blues
(© by Ko-Do 2020)

I'm a heavy drinkin' man
Tryin' to stay sober, if I can
And I'm succeeding now and then
But I can't tell you where or when

Time and place just doesn't matter
If only I feel a little better
In this here shitty piece of weather
That they call life, or whatever

I'm a heavy drinkin' guy
You can believe me: I know why
I just don't want to live a lie
And say that everything's alright

I know it's wrong to turn to booze
But then again what's there to choose
When you got nothin' left to loose
But the question: What's the use
I lead a heavy drinkin' life
To cope with struggle and with strife
Sometimes I think a simple knife
Could put an end to that bee-hive

But something keeps me keepin' on
With all rhyme and reason gone
And all that's left is this here song
About drinkin' may be wrong

I'm a heavy drinkin' thumper
All through fall, winter, spring and summer
And whatever things may come there
A little drink makes it a bummer

And when one day that alcohol
Says "Dude, it's time to pay the toll"
Like someone yonder calls the roll
I guess that I don't mind at all

repeat 1st verse