(© by Ko-Do 2018)

And God Said:
I spent too much grace
On that human race
Too much time on the place
I made for them
Even I cannot feed
That ever growing greed
Well, that's not the seed
I planted back then

They're way too much like me
I wonder I didn't see
The way it would be
Oh, what a god I am !
Oh Lucifer ! Can you explain that to me ?

And Lucifer said:
I fell from grace
Out of your heavenly place
There was no other space
Than down on earth
So I taught them to ask
And look behind the mask
Oh, what a great task
But it was well worth

They're pretty much like me
And I enjoy to see
The way it turned out to be
A new God's birth
Oh mankind ! Can you explain that to me ?

And man said:
That apple tasted good
We never understood
Why not to eat that food
You made to appetize
Then we knew good from bad
And it made us glad
More that we ever had
In paradise

We're way too much like you
So what else could we do
And now you get the clue:
Right now we realize
We're God ! And we're the devil in disguise