Kaaner g'winnt
(© by Kris Kristofferson / Arr. & Lyrics: Ko-Do 2011)

Es is wieder amoi egal
Wer recht hat oder net
Wir ham uns vü zu lang scho weh tan
Und jetzt is z'spät
I frag gar net ob no was geht
Weul's eh nix bringt
Vorbei is
Und kaaner g'winnt

Jedesmal glaubt ma "für immer"
Wieder is a Schmäh
Und a jedesmal wird's schlimmer
Und tuat mehr weh
Es is a Kaas wamma eh scho waaß
Daß' net gelingt
Vorbei is
Und kaaner g'winnt

Vü zu weit ausanand
Und vü zu lang
Die Liebe war' eh schee
Aber vorm Lebn wird an bang
Es macht kaan Sinn, schau gar net hin
Wie ois zerrinnt
Vorbei is
Und kaaner g'winnt
Vorbei is
Und kaaner g'winnt

Nobody Wins (take 5)
(Kris Kristofferson / Arr.: Ko-Do 2009)

Any more it doesn't matter
Who's right or wrong
We've been injuring each other
For much too long
And it's too late to try to save
What might have been
It's over
Nobody wins

Make believin' in forever
Is just a lie
And it seems a little sadder
Each time we try
'Cause it's a shame to make the same
Mistakes again and again
It's over
Nobody wins

We've gone too far too long
Too far apart
The lovin' was easy
It's the livin' that's hard
And there's no need to stay and see
The way it ends
It's over
Nobody wins
It's over
Nobody wins