Song Like "Ring Of Fire"
(Merle Kilgore, June Carter, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Ko-Do / Lyrics & Arr.: Ko-Do 2017)

 Sometimes I listen to my inner self 
 The baffled king composing "Jambalaya"
 Then I hear echoes from the records on the shelf 
 Sound advice from the artists I admire

 And it's growing strong 
 A burning wild desire
 To write a song like "Ring of fire"
 Before I'm knockin' on heaven's door

 Those well known words, they leave no other choice 
 But melt them into rhymes that lead me higher
 To find a melody that fits my whimsy voice 
 When I cite snippets of the songs that I admire


 I think of instruments, and chords and backing voices 
 And of soloists I could afford to hire
 And how to name it, for there are so many choices 
 I guess I'll call it "Song like ring of fire"


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