Lily the Pink
(Mike McGear, John Gorman, Roger McGough / Arr.: Ko-Do 2016)

We'll drink a drink a drink
To Lily the pink the pink the pink
The saviour of the human ra-a-ace
For she invented medicinal compound
Most efficacious in every case

Mr Flears had sticky out ears
And they made him awful shy-y-y
So they gave him medicinal compound
And now he’s learning how to fly

Brother Tony was said to be boney
He would never eat his meals
So they gave him medicinal compound
And now they move him around on wheels


Old Ebeneezer thought he was Julius Caesar
And so they put him in a ho-o-ome
Where they gave him medicinal compound
And now he's Emperor of Rome

Johnny Hammer had a terrible s-s-stammer
He could hardly say a wo-o-ord
And so they gave him medicinal compound
Now he's seen but never heard


Auntie Millie ran willy nilly
When her legs they did rece-e-ede
And so they rubbed on medicinal compound
And now they call her Millipede

Jennifer Eccles had terrible freckles
And the boys all called her na-a-ames
But she changed with medicinal compound
And now he joins in all their games


Lily the Pink she turned to drink she
Filled up with paraffin insi-i-ide
And despite her medicinal compound
Sadly pickled Lily died

Up to Heaven her soul ascended
All the Church bells they did ri-i-ing
She took with her medicinal compound
Hark the Herald angels sing