Mojo Love
(© by Ko-Do 1998)

Original Mix

Guitar Version

Have you really ever made this experience
And if you did, could you see any sense
In all this trickin' and this treatin' and this foolin' around
Or did all that suckers only drag you to the ground ?
Do you really think this is something from above ?
Baby ... call it mojo love

Did you really ever want to live that way
And if you didn't, couldn't you walk away
From this fuzzin' and this fightin' and this puttin' you down
But if you like that jazz what's on your face that frown
What does really happen when the hawk meets a dove ?
Baby ... call it mojo love

Did you really never feel that kind of confidence
And if you did walk out from behind your fence
Forget this hidin' and this seekin' and this runnin' away
But look for going straight or else you go astray
Would you really like to see that push comes to shove ?
Baby ... call it mojo love