I ain't no stalker
(© by Ko-Do 1999)

music controls
So many songs
So many mails
Prepared to be the silver nails
To fix you to the golden cross
And if I win you'll take the loss
Sometimes it really seems to me
That's not the way it ought to be

Maybe that I’m that special kind
To prove that love is really blind
Maybe a loony moonlight walker
But baby – sure I ain’t no stalker

So many rhymes
So many tunes
The sundowns and the silvery moons
Were all just made to fit the part
Of the leading role within your heart
Sometimes this question comes to me
Why catch you when I want you free


So many dreams,
So many visions
Coincidential indecisions
Two lives to run on separate ways
Out of their desparation maze
Sometimes I close my eyes to see
Some things just are not meant to be