The Loser
(Horst Chmela, Lyrics & Arr.: Ko-Do 2017)

I never was in playing hopscotch
I watched the big boys roll the dice
Counted the money in my pocket
To have more of it would be nice
I asked if I could join their game
Just when the stakes were really high
The big boys, they were not to blame
I lost and hang my head and cried 

There's one who is always the loser
why has it to be always me
all my life long i have been the loser
my middle name is misery

A smoky backroom down at Rosy's
The local heroes dealin' stud
Kentucky Straight made me feel cosy
I sat in and I won a lot
We changed the game to Texas Hold 'em
Head's Up - with just a pair of eights
The devil didn't let me fold 'em
And I was into dire straits 


For good or bad - you'll never know it
Life's been a game of give and take
And you may find out you can't throw it
When your whole life now is at stake
From lucky stars you feel forsaken
No winning hand for you to hold
Just bit by bit everything's taken
You end up broke and gray and old